Upper Right Side Back Pain

upper right back pain

There are several kinds of backache that one can fall victim to. Regardless of the nature of your back ache, the whole experience can be very frustrating. One of the not so common types of backache is the upper right back pain. The upper back part of your back is responsible for holding the neck in place with the rest of the body. The upper back also helps coordinate the movement of the arms and shoulders. It is for these reasons that any injury that affects the upper part of the body affects your ability to function normally. Pain on the upper right side of the back is usually as a result of bone or muscle problems. This condition is rampant in people who are over forty years, especially women, and those who are right-handed.

What are the causes of right upper back pain?

Wrong sitting posture – this is most common cause of upper right back pain especially amongst those who spend a good part of their day seated at a desk working on computer. Most people tend to sit with their back arched instead of sitting upright. Sitting in the wrong posture often leads to a strain on the muscles on your upper back, neck, and shoulders leading to pain and discomfort.

Bone condition – if you have been a victim of a car accident, the bones on your upper back may have been damaged or fractured by the impact leading to misalignment of your bones. Other times, the reason behind the pain may be as a result of illnesses, such as breast and lung cancer, that may have infected the bones around your upper right back.

Overworking your upper back will lead to tension in the muscles that will, in turn, make your upper right back to ache.

What are the symptoms of upper right back pain?

These symptoms vary depending on the root cause. The symptoms include;

  • Experiencing bouts of pain on your upper right back in one spot and other times over a broad area.
  • The pain increasing in intensity when doing certain activities. Sitting in a particular position may also trigger pain on your upper right side.
  • The pain is constant or keeps coming and going at irregular intervals.

If the upper back pain is as a result of a chronic illness such as cancer, you tend to experience sudden coughs with blood or difficulty in breathing. In case you experience these symptoms, you are advised to see your health professional immediately.

Diagnosis of the upper right back pain

Your chiropractor should conduct a few tests on you to be able to determine the cause of the pain on your upper right back. The chiropractor should start by taking account of your history to find out if the pain is as a result of an accident, overworking, infection or even as a result of pregnancy. To rule out injury, the chiropractor should conduct a scan to check the alignment of your body. The chiropractor should also do a blood test to be able to identify whether the upper back pain is as a result of an infection or pregnancy.

With the diagnosis conducted, it is easy for the chiropractor to decide on the best treatment for your condition.

How do you treat upper right back pain?

There are various ways one can treat upper right back pain depending on the findings on your diagnosis. These include;

Exercise – exercise is recommended to those whose upper back pain is as a result of bone misalignment or stressed muscles. The exercise to adopt should be of light to moderate intensity.

Pain medication -You can treat the upper back pain by taking prescribed or over the counter painkillers. If your condition is as a result of a wrong sitting posture or straining of muscles by overworking them, pain medication should help ease the pain.

Chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation – For those whose upper back problem is as a result of an accident that may have caused your bones to misalign thus causing upper back pain, it is advisable for you to attend chiropractic treatment sessions. The chiropractor’s’ main aim is to align your spine. This process is a natural remedy that does not require any medication or surgery and also helps the body to rejuvenate and self-heal.

Surgery – This treatment is suitable for those who are suffering from severe upper right back pain which is usually as a result of a chronic illness.


You can avoid upper right back pain by correcting your standing, sitting and sleeping posture. You should also engage in regular stretches and physical exercise. In case you fall victim to upper right back pain, you should not be worried since there many ways to treat or self-medicate yourself back into good health.

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