Osteopath vs Chiropractor

chiropractor vs osteopath

Choosing between a chiropractor and an osteopath

As there are numerous conditions of body pain, there are also various kinds of doctors and therapists that offer treatments in pain management. They belong to the traditional as well as alternative streams of treatment but work with the same objective of alleviating and curing pain. Chiropractors offer treatment in pain management by using various physical techniques thus ensuring a completely safe treatment that is free from side effects. Chiropractors and osteopaths have a common understanding about pain condition. Both believe that pain is caused by excessive stress on the bone joints, muscles, fascia and nerves and work towards relieving the stress that drives away pain. However, there are quite some differences between chiropractic treatment and osteopathic treatment that has been highlighted in this post.

Different approach

  • Osteopaths have a different approach than chiropractors. Not only is the approach different but the scope of osteopaths in treating pain conditions is also much wider than chiropractors.
  • Firstly, osteopaths extend their reach even beyond the musculoskeletal system of the body. While chiropractors restrict their treatment within the musculoskeletal system comprising of the spine and boney structures, osteopaths extend their scope of treatment by including fascia and fluids as well as tissues and scars within the purview of diagnosis and treatment.
  • Secondly, Osteopaths focus on all joints in the affected area for the purpose of treatment while chiropractors concentrate on a particular small area where the pain occurs.
  • The philosophy of osteopathic treatment is based on the understanding that all body systems are inter related and are dependent on one another to offer good health. Chiropractic philosophy stems from the fact that the spine is responsible for good health and it has to be taken care of to achieve good health.
  • Osteopaths can treat several other functional problems like digestive and respiratory problems.

Osteopaths are closer to traditional treatment

Chiropractors focus on treatment of pain and within their approach lie the secret of overall good health. When you are treated for pain management by a chiropractor there is strong likelihood that accompanying ailments are also controlled or cured. Moreover, no medicines are used in chiropractic treatment but herbal remedies and vitamins might be recommended. The holistic approach of chiropractic treatment is quite unique that is not found in the treatment offered by osteopaths who follow a path that is close to traditional allopathic treatment. However, they also believe in the philosophy of treating the whole person instead of concentrating on pain management alone. In addition, osteopaths are also entitled to perform surgeries and also prescribe medicines.

While both health providers are capable of providing pain relief, the choice will be driven by personal preference and the kind of health issue that you are facing. If you are suffering from back pain, headaches, sciatica and pain from stressed muscles then a chiropractor can be a better choice. For those seeking treatment for viral infections, bacterial infections and systematic diseases, an osteopath should be consulted. Above all, if you prefer a treatment without any side effects then the chiropractor is the only choice.

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