Lower Back Pain Worse When Lying Down

lower back pain lying down

The last thing you would want after a hard day of toiling in the sun is to be unable to have a relaxing good night sleep as a result of nocturnal back pain. The name nocturnal comes from the fact that the pain occurs at night when you go to sleep. This condition can be pretty frustrating and stressful and it would definitely deprive you of the chance to have your recuperative sleep. It is not uncommon to find that sleeping in a particular way heightens the pain. If you find that lying on your left side hurts more than the right then you would be suffering from lower left back pain. As much as it is not a serious condition, for other people, the pain may be excruciatingly high to the point that they totally cannot lie on their backs.

Causes of lower left back pain worse when lying down

Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping in this position tends to put a lot of strain on your spine thereby distorting its form. When you lie on your belly, over time, you will end up flattening the natural curve of your lower back. Your back will curve in, and your spine will lose support hence causing you lower left back pain. If this is the reason behind your backache, you are advised to change your sleeping position and adopt one that supports your back. Even though it may take a long while before you get comfortable in this position, the benefits, in the long run, are immeasurable.

Disc degeneration

Discs are tissues that are stationed between the vertebrae, and they function as shock absorbers. With age, this disc may breakdown. Injuries incurred in a car accident or through a fall may cause fractures to your lower left side thereby causing you pain and discomfort. Damage on the sacroiliac joint may also cause pain especially if you sleep on the affected part of your body.

Spinal health condition

If changing sleeping positions does not relieve the pain on your lower back, then the nocturnal lower back pain may be as a result of an even bigger problem such as scoliosis, cancerous tumors, etc.


Endometriosis in pregnant women may cause pain on your left back to get worse when lying down.

Sleeping on a bad mattress that does not support the spine fully


Symptoms that may indicate that the condition is serious and may require immediate medical attention

Just like all other types of back pain, the symptoms vary from one person to the other. The following symptoms may be indicators of a serious underlying cause of the lower left back pain becoming worse when lying down.

  • Difficulty when moving bowel
  • Blood stains in urine
  • Weakness numbness and stiffness in buttock and legs
  • Back pain that has lasted more than twenty-four hours
  • Sudden extreme weight loss
  • History of cancer or trauma
  • Fever

Home remedies on how to treat the lower back pain that gets worse on lying down

  • Sleeping on your back or side will give ample support to your spine
  • Sleeping on a firm mattress
  • Eating at least two hours before sleeping
  • Avoiding caffeinated drinks
  • Getting a massage on your lower back before sleeping
  • Administering over the counter pain killers

If these remedies do not succeed in treating the pain on your lower right back, you may be required to visit your health professional. There are numerous ways your health professional may use to treat you, and they include;

Acupuncture – this treatment is recommended for those who experience this type of pain after a day of extreme physical activities and those who spend a good portion of their day sitting behind a computer.

Physical therapy – this treatment is recommended for those whose pain is as a result of stressed and taut muscle. The therapy tends to relax the muscles and make them more flexible.

Chiropractic manipulation – recommended for those whose pain is chronic or as a result of a mechanical factor.

Epidural steroid injection – recommended for those whose pain is unbearable to withstand.

Yoga stretches – these stretches are highly recommended for pregnant women since they do not pose any threat to either the mother or the baby.

Surgery – this treatment is usually the patient’s choice. A lot of medical researchers have deemed it unnecessary since sometimes, it may not treat the illness it was after. However, surgery is highly recommended for patients whose lower left back pain is causing disability.


Most times, the reason why you experience pain while lying down could be due to a bad sleeping posture while other times it could be due to an infection. This is why it is important to see your health professional so that they can give you the right diagnosis for your condition.

It is advisable that you do a few stretches before and after going to sleep as this will alleviate the pain. Also, invest in a good mattress to avoid your lower left back pain getting worse when lying down.

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