Best Chiropractic Pillow For Sleeping And Neck Pain

Best Chiropractic Pillow

The necessity of getting enough sleep cannot be overemphasised. Most of you will argue that there is often so much that you need to do on a day and that is why you have to reduce the number of hours you sleep, but you should know that that is not the appropriate way of handling you being short of time each and every day. Proper sleep happens to be the most important ingredient when it comes to living a healthy and productive life. Thus, you must get enough of it each day. The best way to do so is to come up with a sleeping formula that you can apply to achieve a proper sleeping habit. A perfect way to initiate your master plan is to get a proper sleeping pillow.

Pillows for Side Sleepers

The two biggest problems that a majority of the side sleepers experience is pain and soreness after sleeping. In extreme cases, some of them even experience shoulder injuries good examples being frozen shoulder syndrome and rotator cuff injuries. Side sleepers require their pillows to be designed in a special way for them to get a good night sleep. Pillows for side sleepers are often designed to include strategically placed channels and crevices. A typical design of a pillow for a side sleeper is the inclusion of a channel right under the pillow whose aim is to allow your arm to pass through without exerting any pressure. In other cases, the designer of the pillow includes, at the pillow’s front, a small shelf. The goal of the inclusion of the shelf is to allow you to have the ability to tuck your shoulder under the pillow. While at that position, the shoulder also gets to support your head consequently allowing you to have a proper sleep.

Best Pillow for Side Sleepers

The most appropriate pillow for side sleepers would be one that is made out of memory foam and tailored to your specific requirements. Memory foam pillows fit the bill because they take a relatively long time before they lose shape. According to statistics, the pillow will retain its shape for approximately two years consequently giving you the firmness that you so much desire. Memory foam pillows also drawn a contour feature which makes them a must have for side sleepers. This feature allows the pillow to give support to your neck and head while at the same time adjusting to your body’s weight and temperature.

Best Pillow for Neck Pain

The best pillow for neck pain would be one that maintains the proper alignment of the spine when on your back and also supports the “C” curve of your neck. The “C” curve of the neck can be best described as the cervical neck curve which happens to have a shape similar to letter C when observed from the side. For a pillow to have the capability to support the “C” curve it needs to be of the right size. A large pillow often forces the head to lean forward when you lie on your back and to bend at an angle that is uncomfortable when you lie on your side. In both scenarios, you will experience muscle strain which eventually leads to you having a stiff neck. You will also be prone to snoring and experience difficulty in breathing. On the other hand, in the case that the pillow is small in size it will not provide ample support for your neck. This will call for your neck muscles to continue to support your head and neck even when you are resting consequently straining them.

Pillows for Neck Pain

So how do you identify a pillow that is designed to help relieve neck pain? You can do so by looking at its physical features.

The first thing that will get your attention is that pillows designed to relieve neck pain will be shaped differently as compared to the normal. You might notice that they have a wedged area that serves as the location where you will place your head as you sleep.

The second thing you will notice is the manner in which the shapes are sculpted on the pillows. Others might have smooth curves on them whereas others may dawn hard sculpted wedges.

Although at first sight, these pillows might seem uncomfortable thanks to the weird shapes, they often are soft thus assuring comfort and ease of movement.  

Best Pillow to Buy

The best pillow to buy for you is often an answer that can be found after the consideration of a couple of factors:

One such factor is your sleeping habits. Some people sleep on their sides, others with their backs and lastly, others with their stomach. Each sleeping position has got a pillow that suits it and that one will be the best one to purchase in each case.

You also need to consider the health of your spine and your age. If you have suffered neck injuries in the past, then the best pillow for you to buy in such a case will be the one that is recommended by your physician. Old age also proves to take a toll on spines thus the best pillow to buy for you will be the one recommended for your age by your physician.

Personal preferences also come into play when it comes to deciding the best pillow to buy. Personal preferences, in this case, refers to the material that you would prefer to have for your pillow. Your sense of style also plays a big role in determining the best pillow to buy.

Lastly, it’s the budget. The best pillow for you will be one that is within your price range. You do not want to get into debt just so that you can have the capacity to buy a pillow.

Back Support Pillow

Back support pillows are beneficial to myriads of groups of people. They include those who suffer from ailments probably because of their age or injury, those who have office jobs and spend most of their day sat at a desk and lastly, individuals that have limited mobility and spend most of their day in a wheelchair.

The biggest benefit of a back support pillow is that it helps with back pain. It does this by realigning your spine forcing the body to rest in accordance to how it is naturally curved. Standard chairs and wheelchairs are not designed to have a curvature backrest thus when you sit on this chair your back curves backward which is not it’s natural resting position which eventually causes you a lot of back pain.Inserting a back support pillow between your body and the seat forces your lower back to curve forward and keeps your torso up straight. This realigns the spine and neck consequently forcing your shoulders back which in turn gets the excess weight off your hips and lower back. The result of this is pain relieving instantly for your lower and upper back.

Best Pillow for Sleeping

So what tips will you apply to find the best pillow for sleeping for you? Below are the steps that you ought to follow

Determine your sleeping style

This can be best done by taking note of your sleeping position in the morning for this is probably the position you have slept in for the bigger part of the night. Make sure to conduct this research when you have slept in bed with a comfortable mattress.

Find a selection of pillows

Find a selection of pillows that suit your sleeping style. Do not consider the price when doing this for you do not need to purchase them as they are only for trying out.

Try them out

Do this at the display beds at the store. Lie on the pillows in your most preferable sleeping position.

You should select the one that you felt was most comfortable. If you feel that when you try the pillow at home, it does not feel as comfortable as you thought, you can always return it the next day for a refund.

Pillow Protectors

Getting the right pillow is not the end of it as you have to get a pillow protector if you want to improve your sleeping experience. Their importance is brought about by the fact that they improve the hygiene of your sleeping area. According to research, the bed happens to be an area prone to bacteria and dust mites. You would not want bacteria getting into your pillow for it will be difficult to get them out hence the necessity of a pillow protector. In addition to the above, pillow protectors also prevent the formation of sweat spots on your pillow. The best material for pillow protectors is cotton as it is highly absorbent, comfortable and durable.

Contour Pillows

Lastly, to better your sleeping experience you can opt to go for contour pillows over conventional pillows. This is supported by the fact that contour pillows have a myriad of benefits over the normal flat pillows. Some of the key benefits of contour pillows are:

Better Head Support

Contour pillows have the ability to curve in line with the shape of your head. The result of this is such that it better supports your head.

Complete neck support

The neck benefits greatly from using this pillow as it offers complete support of it. The result of this is that the neck stays healthy and at the same time your shoulder health gets to improve.

Maintenance of cervical curvature

The design of the contour pillow gives it the ability to carry the weight of the neck and the head consequently getting the load off the cervical area which would have otherwise been supporting that weight. The cervical area being relieved of any excess weight makes it easier to maintain.

Enhanced sleeping comfort

With contour pillows, you will not have to struggle to find the right angle to sleep in thanks to its ergonomic engineering. The very fact that you do not have to struggle means that you will have a very comfortable night’s sleep.


Most chiropractic pillows are often recommended by doctors after listening to the kind of problems that you are experiencing. However, with the information above you can easily find a pillow that will suit your sleeping style. Not only will it better support your neck and head but it will also be hygienic.

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