Are Chiropractors Doctors in Australia

is chiropractor a doctor

Chiropractors can be defined as people who practice chiropractic, which is an alternative form of medicine that focuses on the treatment of disorders, mostly mechanical, of the musculoskeletal system with particular emphasis on the spine. Chiropractors employ manual therapy techniques to treat their patients. The foundation of chiropractic is not in line with mainstream medicine, and its very existence is kept alive by pseudoscientific ideas such as innate intelligence and subluxation. Its foundation not being in line with mainstream medicine and it not relying on medicine to cure patients has raised the question “why are chiropractors called doctors?” with particular focus to Australia. The below facts will help answer that question adequately.

Australian Chiropractors are registered with a Professional Body

Australian chiropractors earn the title ‘Doctor’ by registering with a professional association, which is a similar practice with other healthcare professionals. As expected with registering with a national body and as is the practice with mainstream doctors, health care givers that practice chiropractic are subjected to licensing, monitoring, and testing by the country’s peer-review boards. The body that does the registering of chiropractors is referred to as AHPRA. This body also registers other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, podiatrists, psychologists, and dentists.

Australian Chiropractors have The Authority to Sign Sick Leave Certificates

In Australia, state and federal programs indemnify chiropractic care. These programs include DVA, Medicare, and Worker’s compensation programs. In addition to that, sick off certificates that bear the signature of chiropractors are considered valid by every organisation.

Quality of Education

The kind of education that chiropractors go through for them to be registered is also another reason why they are called doctors in Australia. It is a requirement for chiropractors to attend university for a minimum of five years for them to graduate. While at the university, they need to treat several hundred of patients in the last year of their study. They treat the patients under the guidance of already practising chiropractors. The content of what they study in the universities resembles what mainstream doctors learn. The curriculum includes subjects such as anatomy, cell biology, immunology, pathophysiology, chemistry, diagnostic skills, rehabilitation, physical therapies, physiology, physical examination, and biochemistry.

Categorised as Principal Health Care Givers

Chiropractors in Australia are categorised as principal a health care practitioner, which means that more often than not they are the first people patients consult in case they need medical care. Their training allows them to pass judgment on the kind of medical care the patient needs.  


From the information above it can be noted that the difference between medical doctors and chiropractors is not brought about by their degree of knowledge in terms of university training, but rather by their preferred technique of treating people. Mainstream doctors are taught to use chemicals and surgery to get your body back to good working condition. On the other hand, chiropractors focus on providing physical solutions to treat physical problems. Chiropractors are in their zone when they are met with challenges that no chemical can treat. Some of these physical problems are back pains, headaches, poor posture and muscle spasms. A majority of you might argue that painkillers, can easily overcome these pains, which is true, but painkillers do not get rid of the actual cause of the pains.

These facts show that chiropractors in Australia are actually doctors who do not rely on chemicals to heal people’s bodies.

Chiropractors are also licensed as health care providers in many other countries such as USA, UK, Switzerland, New Zealand, and Canada.

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